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Seward Transmission Line Erosion Protection at Snow River

Planning, design, and construction of various renewable energy projects in rural communities across Alaska


Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AVEC)


Bethel, Old Harbor, Shishmaref, and St. Mary’s, AK

SolsticeAK's Role:

  • Grant Writing

Grant Program

Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) Renewable Energy Fund (REF) Program; Rounds One through Nine

SolsticeAK assisted AVEC in applying for grants from AEA’s REF program for many of its 56 member communities in the program’s rounds 1-9. Through accessing renewable energy funding sources, the projects aimed to bring reliable, cleaner, and more affordable energy to each of these communities. AVEC’s projects in Bethel, Old Harbor, Shishmaref, and St. Mary’s are examples of successful REF-funded, renewable energy projects.

Through Round 9 of the grant application process, SolsticeAK coordinated the following efforts: obtained letters of support from community members and leaders; coordinated team members and task management; coordinated with project engineers to complete engineering analyses; prepared schedules, budgets, and cost-benefit analyses; and coordinated all other detailed application materials. Through Round 8, for each grant application that Solstice prepared, every proposal was recommended for funding, securing AVEC communities more than $40.9 million to invest in energy resources.

Award Amount

More than $40.9 Million

  • Old Harbor
    The coastal community of Old Harbor was awarded a REF grant to invest in a hydroelectric project for its community.

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