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Old Harbor Hydroelectric Project FERC License Application


Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AVEC)


Old Harbor, AK

SolsticeAK's Role:

  • NEPA

SolsticeAK worked to obtain the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Hydroelectric License Application, including NEPA compliance for FERC and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for a small hydropower project in Old Harbor on Kodiak Island.  Solstice organized and facilitated community scoping and follow up meetings.  We drafted a Proposed Study Plan and Revised Study Plan working closely with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, NOAA Fisheries, the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, and other agencies.  Following the Study Plan, Solstice led the summer field effort including: a bald eagle nest survey; a wetlands delineation and functional assessment; a fish and fish habitat study; and a cultural resources field assessment. Field reports were drafted for agency review.  Solstice then prepared and submitted the Draft License Application, including an environmental report.

  • Old Harbor Hydroelectric Project FERC License Application

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