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City of Atka

Our Role

For the City of Atka, a small western Aleutian Island community, Solstice Alaska created a 20-year update to the City's existing comprehensive plan. Solstice Alaska facilitated four community meetings; conducted a series of agency interviews; and developed a public survey instrument administered by the City to gather community input on existing conditions and future needs, community values and goals, and projects and priorities. Meeting techniques encouraged participation and made the meetings informative and fun community events. Solstice Alaska worked closely with the City to gather input through interviews with community leaders and agencies. Solstice Alaska also developed a survey instrument administered by a City employee to all Atka residents. This information was used to develop a comprehensive plan that documents Atka's community experiences and sets goals and priorities for its future.

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Solstice Alaska assisted the City of Atka with creation of its comprehensive plan.
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