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Flagging is used to survey habitats for permitting
Fishwheel site
Fish habitat permits are required for work in the Susitna River, like this fishwheel site that supported the Susitna-Watana Hydro. salmon escapement study

Solstice Alaska provides environmental permitting services with a focus on timely issuance of agency authorizations. We understand permitting requirements and agencies’ needs and work with project developers to permit the project that is needed. Together the staff has over 25 years of experience obtaining permits for large and small alternative energy, marine infrastructure, water and wastewater, transportation, and other infrastructure projects throughout Alaska. Solstice has the ability to react quickly to clients’ needs for permitting assistance, especially when problems appear or timelines are short.

For Solstice Alaska success means our permit applications are approved, of course, but also that the terms of the permits and the mitigation measures are appropriate, reasonable and affordable.

Solstice helps clients obtain permits for large and small projects throughout Alaska, including:

  • Section 404/10 (Wetlands) Permits
  • Fish Habitat Permits
  • State Water Use Permits
  • State (DNR) Land/Tidelands Use Permits
  • Local Permits required by Boroughs and Cities
  • Federal (BLM) Land Use Permits
  • State Park Land Use Permits

Solstice Alaska offers clients:

  • Dependable Expertise in Agencies’ Requirements
  • Staffing and Ability to React Quickly to Clients’ Needs
  • Contacts and Relationships in Agencies for Effective Communications
  • Ability to Gather a Team of Professionals for any Necessary Studies
  • Flexibility to Assist Throughout the Permitting Process
  • Variety of Proven Methods of Data Collection
  • Ability to Gather Traditional Native Knowledge

Sample Projects

Port Lions Dock Replacement

Client: City of Port Lions
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North Forest Acres Levee/Road Project (Seward)

Client: City of Seward
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OKS Nikiski Dock Expansion

Client: Offshore Systems Kenai
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Emmonak Wind Turbines

Client: Alaska Village Electrical Cooperative, Inc. (AVEC)
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