Solstice Alaska Consulting
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Public Involvement and Education

SolsticeAK provides public involvement services that facilitate meaningful dialogue and an exchange of valuable information for the public and the client. We understand our clients’ need to elicit opinions from a well-informed population, especially prior to community action. We assist municipalities, non-profits, businesses and other organizations’ efforts to keep the public informed throughout community projects. We have been successful working with residents of rural villages and urban centers on a variety of public involvement projects.

SolsticeAK provides educational products to help our clients inform the public about future or ongoing projects. We also assist our clients with their public education efforts.

For SolsticeAK, success means that the public is engaged and well-informed (and not suffering from community meeting burn-out!) and the client has the substantial public input that comes from asking the right questions.

SolsticeAK offers clients:

  • Creative methods to involve and educate the public
  • Innovative solutions to gathering input and disseminating information
  • Individual attention to each client’s specific needs
  • Flexibility throughout the public involvement process
  • Culturally-relevant public involvement strategies and techniques
  • Variety of reporting methods including minutes, recorded interviews, reports, PowerPoint and other presentations

We help our clients:

  • Facilitate meetings and gatherings
  • Complete public involvement requirements
  • Conduct community polls and interviews
  • Elicit valuable community input
  • Develop creative ways to communicate with the public
  • Interpret community input
  • Make plans for community action

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